Please do not abuse this public API: it is primarily for research and theorycrafting.

Raffy's Blizzard JSON Item API (v43) Build 18273


Single Item Downloader

Merges multiple sources of information (SimC, Wowhead) into a single JSON object that mimics the official Blizzard Item API. Uncached or out-of-date requests may take a few seconds, but once cached, they should be very responsive. An HTTP Error 500 is issued when throttling is active, and Error 404 when the item doesn't exist.

Item Scaler

Rescale any item to any item level, and apply suffix and passive itemSpell attributes. Using the data provided via item.php, you can implement your own scaling, by following the steps in my Item Scaling Tutorial.

Batch Item Downloader

Download multiple items in one request. Only works for items that are currently cached and up-to-date. Also supports POST. Recommended implementation would first batch a large group of items, and then sequentially request any items that the batched result indicated were uncached.,ItemId-ItemId,…,999999 (one cached, one uncached) (item range) (items from set)

Version Information

Improvements over Blizzard API

Recent Fixes

Please notify me if you encounter incorrect/missing data.

Current Database Size: 83225 cached, 83225 fetched, 45897 available)